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Unstability of the plasma arc and its solution

Unstability of the arc and its solution
The cuttingquality depends on the stability of the plasma arc. Unstability of the arc will result in irregularity of the cutting edge, lossof life of the related components in the control system, frequent replacement of nozzle¡¢electrode. ¡¡ 

1.Too low pressure¡¡ 

If working air pressur far below that required in hadbook,whichmeans weak jet velocity,input air flow less than required.Thus high-energy&high-speed plasma arc can not be priduced,whichwill result in irregularity of the cutting edg, can not penetrate  and so on.Reason of low pressure£º insufficient input air,air-regulating valve pressure regulating too low,greasy dirt in solenoidvalve, obstruction of gas circuit.¡¡¡¡
Solution: Check delivery pressure gage of the air compressor before using, if not met,can adjust the compressure.If input airpressure meet requirement, you should check the Air filtering pressure reducing valve to see if pressure gauge shows it meet cutting requirements.  Make sure the air is dry and clean. Besides , if nozzle pressure is too low , you need to replace reducing valve; gas circuit section narrow down will also lead  to low pressure,you can change the air pipe. 

2.Too high pressure 

If the air pressure is higher than 0.45Mpa, too strong air flow will blow away intensive arc,thus to weaken the cutting strength.Reason of high pressure: improper adjustments of input air¡¢ filtet,relief-pressure valve regulate too high or lose efaficacy.¡¡ 
Solution:Check if the air pressure is proper,or Is there a littledeflection air compressor and filtet,relief-pressure valve.Turn on compressor , if spin regulating switch of filtet , relief-pressure valve,there is No change on gage pressure,then you need to  replace it,as filtet,relief-pressure valve lose efficacy.¡¡       

3.Nozzle&electrode sparkwear 

Improper installation of nozzle,screw thread unfasten,improperadjustment of the gears,torch need water cooling,but does not lead to cooling water, or frequent arcing,all these will cause   nozzle damage.¡¡¡¡
Solution: adjust gears properly,check if nozzle is fasten,nozzle need tocooling water shoud be circulated in advance . During  cutting , you need to adjust the distance between torch and plate according to thickness of workpoece. 

4.Too low input ACV

On site of our cuting machine if there is large electrical installation, or error in the main circuit of plasma cuting machine,theAVC will be low.
Solution:check if the electrical grid sufficient carrying capacity, cable is up to the mustard.The installantion site of our machine should be away from large electrical installation and electric interference.During use, you should clean dust on our machine and components at regular intervals,check is cable is aging.¡¡ 
5.Poor contact of Groundwire and workpiece

Grounding is a must before plasma cutting.
Solution: Apply special grounding tool, and check if there is insulator to block Groundwire and workpiece,don¡¯t use aging groundwire. 

6.Spark generator can not make arc breaking

When plasma souce works, it will strike plasma arc in 0.5¡«1s .reason for unable to make arc breaking is control board   system components, spark generator, discharge electrode & discharge clearance is unproper.   
Solution: You should often check the spark generator, discharge electrode,keep its surface smooth,adjust discharge clearanceof spark generator(0.8¡«1.2mm),replace control panel if necessary.  

7.Besides, too sloe cutting speed, verticality of torch and workpiece,and operator¡¯s familiarity to plasma cutting machine , operantlevel will all affect the stability of the plasma arc.