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Nesting Processing is effective way to cut costs for CNC Cutting Machine

Nesting Processing is effective way to cut costs for CNC Cutting Machine

In recent years , CNC Cutting Machine became more and more popular, for it series type like Gantry CNC Cutter °ĘPortable CNC Cutter°ĘCantilever CNC Cutter etc, satisfies many companies demaind. CNC Cutting Machine begin replacing Traditional manual cutting gradually for it High-speed. But with a problem of materials wasting , how to make low-costs at the same time .Lan-Sun will give you some advice here.

 The most effective mean: FastCAM nesting software and FastCAM control system , It improve the efficiency and make leave steel used twice through entire plate nesting and surplus of plate .It is effectively reduced the time of preheating and the times of bore a hole; reduced material wasting and plasma nozzle loss by using FastCAM nesting software programming ,as a result ,reach an aim of save more steel and supplies.

  Save steel and supplies the most concern to the enterprise. Business to profitability, we must effectively save steel and supplies. Enterprises to purchase CNC cutting machine is for profit, must be able to effectively save steel and supplies. Related data had show that the lose and waste  when use cutting CNC Cutting Machine in developing countries (like China/India) is more than 10 percent higher than The developed countries like USA & Japan &Germany . National Bureau of Statistics and Cutting& Welding trade showed £¨China has more than 40% of steel was wasted in cutting and wielding production way. Last year , our country produced and consumed steel was 3.5 tons , among which 1.5 tons was cutting and wielding steel. more than 10% waste means 1500 tons steel was wasted .per ton of steel by 5000 The average price of RMB, the year the amount of waste steel to up to 750 billion yuan, the central government in 2006 for 71.6 billion investment in technological innovation even more. For shipbuilding, steel, engineering machinery, pressure vessels and other steel consumers and medium-sized enterprises in key industries, cutting the amount of steel is generally 1 to 5 tons, with good nesting FastCAM optimization software and FastCNC CNC system, according to save 5% 10% of the steel calculation, the annual savings for the company to the thousands of tons, 500 tons of steel for steel companies to increase efficiency of saving one million to ten million yuan

 Procurement and Sales focus: Learn to know how to use FastCAM optimization software and FastCNC system, plate nesting and cutting edge-connected sets of materials such as optimization and efficient cutting techniques and methods. Try your best to explain the it advantage to the leader and technician, so can ensure saving steel and consuming.


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