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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Speed Sheet

  As everyone knows, The speed of plasma is more faster than flame .Generally, Plasma can be with a speed of 2000mm/min. however flame cutting can reach half of Plasma cutting. With Plasma cutting , it made it is possible to improve working efficiency, and it demand the operator with enough experience at the same time. According the speed range ,how to choose the most suitable machine with different thickness, different materials , different configuration , Wuhan  Lan-Sun give you some advice as below,  just for reference:

1. Plasma Cutting Machine Model
  The model number is as same as the current, Like 40A,60A,100A,200A ( Of course there are some import power like Germany Kilby, some brand of United States Thermal Dynamics are different from it ) and so on. Different model choose to use different current and then the cutting speed is different.

2. Voltage in Cutting Worksite
   Generally, factory supply voltage AC 380V, but because different factory with different worksite, the voltage from365V~410V(some place even greater), so input voltage is a factor of cutting speed.

3. Material of Cutting Workpiece
  Different material , different cutting speed. Common material like Carbon steel , Stainless steel £¨its cutting speed is faster than iron, then aluminium ,and the slowest is copper . The reason of the slow speed is that ,when cutting copper and aluminium ,it is difficult than cutting steel and iron ,also the thickness is most smallest than iron and steel using Plasma cutting .

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