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Process and Standards Using CNC Plasma Cutting Machine:

Process and Standards Using CNC Plasma Cutting Machine:
Here will be introduce , Process and Standards of domestic marketing when operating CNC
Plasma Cutting Machine at present. It detailed account the rules of Water Compression Air Plasma ARC Cutting, And can only suite for Water Compression Air Plasma ARC Cutting.
n       Reference Standard
 JB 3092        Flame Cutting Demand
 YB/JQ101.10    Iron and Steel Company Manufacturing General Technology . Welded Structure
n       Preparing
 1.Plasma cutting machine operator, should get clear in his mind about the theory of structure, mechanical move system , electrical system ,air system, Know function of all kinds of buttons ,and the main technology data and capability as below:
*Cutting Thickness List
The limit thickness £¨mm£©
Stainless steel
Carbon steel
Cast iron
2. Installed cutting electrode£¬Check whether there is water leakage.
3.  Select nozzle £¬installed cutting torch and adjusted electrode amount of inner shrinkage £¨generally cathode rode hit the nozzle£¬2~3ring back is perfect£©
4. Connected to electricity, gas, water. check the air pressure ,water pressure should be at 4 atm.
5. Cutting car and the workpiece to be cut to the appropriate place on the cutting platform.
6. Regulate the cutting torch location and distance from nozzle to workpiece (generally from 6~8m)
7. Cathode pipe cutting moments moment must be the way forward cut back, so vent away from the arc in the water column at 20-30 mm direct erosion incision.
8. Flip control of power on poor start "test frequency" switch, the electrode from the nozzle and the nozzle end to see the sparks between the hole wall, if the electrode around the 2 / 3 of a spark, said electrode in the well, and then close frequency.
¡ö Cutting start
1.Pressing the button of power¡¢air compressor¡¢pumps in turn.
2. Press cutting the power switch, open the filter valve at the bottom of the stalk, put part of the gas, reduced pressure, press the start switch arc, spray arc cutting moment, close the valve of the petiole, to lead to the arc lights.
3. As soon as the arc through the workpiece, start cutting the car, its speed through the workpiece to prevail, as shown, note the arc tail flame through the flow of the workpiece after the workpiece plane angle delay of not more than 35o.
¡ö Cutting over
 Turn off the KAI arc switch, then cutting car switch¡¢cutting water¡¢gas and total water.
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