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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Power Source Conservation Notes

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Power Source Conservation Notes
The quality of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Power will do great effect of cutting , Do well power source protect and conservation as usual is very important :Not only improved  power source stability ,but also extend equipment using life .Ultimately reduce the costs. Lan ¨C Sun Tech Co .Ltd about how to do CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Power Source Conservation introduce as below:
1. Keep plasma dry and clean. Plasma system need dry and clean gas in order to work properly , When gas compress the system ,the gas will be dirtied , then the life of expendables are shortened. It was called damage non-normal. Air quality testing method is to set torch in the test state, then put a mirror below it. Now make it in working conditions , if there has steam or cloud ,you need to identify the cause and correct it. 
2. Check airflow and cool airflow everyday. One of the most common reasons of torch damage is the lack of cooling airflow. You need to frequently check the airflow and air pressure(the air cool case) or cooling liquid(water case) to the torch ,If there is any inadequate or leak of air , Stop immediately and solve the problems.
3. Click the slag on the protective shell, do this as usual , If not ,it will cause damaging Plasma arc.
4. Pour demineralized water into torch, Hard water can produce metal impurities ,and it will precipitate in the loop of nozzle .The impurities affect the airflow working normally ,shorten the consumable life of torch.
5. Ensure pressure of plasma with a normal flow.  It is important for relating with expendables life, High pressure shortened life of electrode, and low pressure affect nozzle life length.
6. Avoid expend plasma arc. In order to access the workpiece surface need to expend plasma arc, It will cause non-normal damage. If use the right skills of starting point of edge , choose the right broken arc signal time, this problem can be avoid.
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